Thursday, April 25, 2013

Food Trip : Hermanas

After attending the of burial of my grandfather's sister (April 21, 2012)- from Cuenca to Mataas na Kahoy, pakner4lyf and I had been thinking were to go.  We remember that there is a newly opened restaurant in Lipa City.  My brother shares his dining experience at Hermanas together with their boss during his OJT training at Commission on Audit.  The place is easy to find being it located near Star Toll Way Tambo Exit - it's just few meters away from the exit.  If you can notice the above photo (left side),  you can still see Flying V Gasoline station (Presently Flying V Gasoline is already closed and replaced by Jollibee) at their window.    

Before everyone goes out of the car pakner4lyf, checks the restaurant first if it's fine to dine inside with the three children, we don't want to have problems with them breaking things inside.  You might be asking now - What's unique with the restaurant?  
Hermanas is not so big but because of its architectural design, they were able to maximize the place.  They made an attic so they can welcome additional customers and it looked great.  Since it's an attic, being near the roof, diners will have to sit on a mat, they also have a special chair without feet too if you wish to sit on it.  I like the stones they used to decorate the lamps, you know I love color.  Their solar lamp caught my attention - it was the blue lamp in the first photo.  All in all I love the ambiance.

It's perfect that when we arrive, they only have few customers.  They informed us that a lot of diners came before we arrive thank God!  We chose to dine upstairs and it felt like dining inside our own house.  The children enjoyed staying at the place and they were not limited because there are no customers to bother anyway.

We ordered beef caldereta, Algio Oligio with shrimp, Hermanas Delight and Spagetti and Meatballs.  Food tastes average with a reasonable price.  I have to say you must try Hermanas Delight its a perfect summer cooler.  It's their own version of Halo-Halo.  It contains two scoop of ice cream - vanilla and strawberry, with colorful jellos and fresh fruits - banana, water melon and mango.

This food trip will always make me remember of my lost Galaxy Pocket phone.  Photos were taken using my phone and was glad I have automatically sync it with my Facebook account that's why I was able to share these photos with you.  I am still hoping that these were not the last photos taken using this phone.  ( After few days I was able to find my phone it is in good working condition.  I still couldn't figure it out how it came out.)

So, this is it! our Hemanas food trip experience.
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