Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My newest addiction: cake art

We had a bakeshop, and I literally grew up in a bakery.  My parents were able to send us to school and were able to provide our needs because of our bakeshop.  Even though it was our life, I never had any interest in learning how to make a bread so I never thought of having a branch to manage. If I had a chance to go back in college I could have chosen a course related with our business today.  Anyways it's not too late to learn things.

I'd never thought that I would be interested in cake decorating and will be addicted with it too!

Yes, that's the newest addiction I have.  It was because of my children that I am forced to make and design cakes.  Special occasions seems incomplete without a cake.  Baking cakes was not our specialty, and that was the biggest problem I had.  But thanks because we are now in the information age and with internet you can learn lots of things with just one click so learning new things is no longer a problem.  That's how I learned basic cake decorations, and now I am planning to learn advance skills by enrolling in a baking school.

Here are some of the cakes I have worked on.  I do enjoy thinking of what new designs I can make.

This new found hobby is a perfect stress reliever and at the same time it makes me happy for the additional income it can provide at our bakeshop through this new found addiction.

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