Saturday, April 20, 2013

A vow to remember

We attended Andy and Jessa's wedding (she's my second cousin) this morning.  My daughter was chosen to be one of the flower girls, my younger brother was one of the groomsmen and my parents were one of the principal sponsors.  It was solemnized at Cuenca Bible Christian Church, my home church - the same church where I was married too.  And this made me remember of my own wedding day.  This April 28, we will be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary.  This day I was reminded of the vows I have uttered to my pakner4lyf.

I was reminded of the thrill and excitement marking that first day of being with the man I have loved most.  Frankly, as years have past, these feelings seemed to be neglected
but I know it didn't fade - I know it was still there.  A lot of things have change since the time we got married up until now - the responsibilities of meeting our everyday needs, child rearing and work were some factors that make our life more complicated and different compared when we were still single.  Because of such things I think most couples may seem to take for granted the needs of their partners.  I plead guilty, it's not an excuse to be too busy with work and career, the children or the chores at home.  Married people who stayed for more than five years has a lot of marital struggles - because we do too!

Water bubble
(Photo credit: @Doug88888)
The officiating minister shared an illustration during the ceremony this morning and I would love to share it to you.  The bride was given a glass of red colored water and the groom with blue colored water.  They were asked to pour the contents of their glass in a bigger glass container.  We all know that red and blue will yield purple color but it needed enough time to blend together so we can appreciate the outcome of the new color. This was the pastor's explanation with the used symbol.  We will only discover who the person is when we see who is he inside his house.  We can fully learn who our partner really is when we start living in one roof.  Couples start showing their own true color after living together then continually discover each other as the years passes by.  There are two different colors - two completely different people joined together; so what are we to expect?  Typically, contest between the two will arise.  Husband and wife will come to a point of argument, discover a lot of differences and caught in between choices and decisions that makes married life tough.  But couples at the end of such situations should be able to settle any disputes that may emerge.  When characters learn to blend it results in harmonious relationship. Wedding ministers often says "the two become one".  This is the real meaning of being united in one flesh; it is to attain the perfect harmony of blending our whole being with our partner.  

Today, we will work on blending our characters to achieve a more harmonious relationship.  I will try to bring back the same feelings I used to have for my pakner4lyf.  I will love him more and unconditionally, practice humility and submit to his leadership.  I'll learn to understand more and grant forgiveness generously.  On my own I knew I couldn't.  But with the help of grace of God I can do these things.  

To my pakner4lyf, I love very much and thank you for everything.  Happy sixth anniversary.

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