Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Free Bible Lessons

You can now ask for the free soft copy of this material.  Send your requests to mommyhanny.me@gmail.com  Lessons are available only in Tagalog.  "Ang Diyos na Lumikha - Ako'y Espesyal na Nilikha Niya" is authored by yours truly and illustrated by Dennis Contreras.

I had been involved in teaching children since I was in high school and I believe it is where God has called me to minister to children.  One of my passions is to teach them about the love of God and tell them how to live according to his word.  Being in this ministry for years, one of the problems were finding free teaching resources for children.  Most of the time churches have a very little budget or at times no budget at all to facilitate the needs of children ministry.  We have encountered these problems but it didn't hinder us ministering to these little children.

It was my desire to write Sunday School Lessons for children for the past years.  I had the idea last year and needed the lots of courage to start writing and finish it before summer of 2013 ends.  I am so happy to have one of my dreams come true as a product of prayer and hard work too.  It is God who gave me wisdom in order to finish these Bible Lessons.  I know it is not only us who encounter problems of looking for free resources to be used in their children ministry.  With that, I am sharing this material for free for those who are interested to have the copy to be used in their children ministry.

Bible Story Visuals
Ang Diyos na Lumikha aims to teach children about the seven days of creation and some selected stories of the men of God from the Bible who decided to follow Him.  Through this, the children will get to know who is the creator of all things.  They will learn how good and powerful our God is. They will also discover how special they are in God's sight.  Knowing that God had loved them with an everlasting love, they too will learn how to express this love back to God and to other people as well.   We intended to use this in our Vacation Bible School - five day classes held during summer.  But, Sunday School teachers or even mommies can use the lessons in series depending on how they'll teach them.

Craft Activity
The creation story is divided into five series.  The list below are the main important topics covered in every day lessons.

  • Creation Story
  • Memory Verse
  • Bible Character Story
  • Craft 
The set of materials includes the following: (to be sent only as attached files in email)
  • Teacher's Manual
  • Student's Manual
  • Visual Aids - Bible Story, Songs and Memory Verse
  • Audio Songs
  • Miscellaneous 
You may make some changes in using the materials that will benefit you most.  But are not allowed to own or sell these materials.  It is important for us to receive feed backs on how we are able to help you.

Hope this serves as a blessing for you and your ministry.  Feel free to share this post with anyone whom you know will be blessed with this service we are offering.

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