Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Celebration 2013

It's not easy being a mom yet I would have to say that it was one of the most rewarding days of my life.  I am happy seeing my children as they grow and am delighted to take care of them each and everyday.

Yesterday I have received tons of greetings through SMS and my Facebook account.  I appreciated it much, thank you guys.   It's a good thing that there is a day designated to recognize all moms.  I just wanted to share my mother's day experience this 2013.

I had a very busy week overseeing our Vacation Bible School.  Within that whole week I became a mother to a hundred of children that I really enjoy doing.  We had lots of activities and one of them is making a Mother's Day Card.  JC and Eu-La made their own craft with the help of their cousins Kevin and Den-Den.  So happy to receive the first ever mother's day card from my children

Early Sunday morning we prepared to attend the church.  Most countries celebrates mother's day during the second Sunday of May, so our church had a special recognition for mothers too.  We are asked to stand so the congregation can pray for us and as a token, we were given a pair of fresh water pearl earrings.  While our three lovely ladies in the bread shop gave me roses as their gift.

After the church service, we actually planned to visit a friend later in the afternoon.  I decide to make a cake before we leave the house.  I have prepared two cakes, of course one of the cakes is for my ever dearest mother.  It so happen that after making the cake, my parents dropped by in the house and invited us for a dinner to celebrate and have some family bonding.  The children enjoyed playing in the arcade then had a dinner at Hap Chan in Nuciti Mall. 

This morning while taking a bath, I was happy to hear that there was a package from China addressed to me.  The gift was so perfect to have been delivered today.  This is the first gift I have received for being a Mommy Blogger.  Thanks to LookChem for this gift - blue and white porcelain pen with a book mark suit.  Want to know more about LookChem?  Click here.

These are the material gifts I had this Mother's Day celebration.  The best rewards I can have for being a mommy are not these materials things that I can have. Yet I would have to say that at times we moms would love to receive materials gifts too! =)

Happy mother's day to all moms around the world.  Cheers to us!  What gifts have you received in the celebration of Mother's Day 2013?  Share and comment below.

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