Monday, May 13, 2013

Looking for Something?

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Have you experienced looking for some stuffs because you needed it right away?  And isn't it irritating to find your self looking around the house/office just to find that stuff you needed.  As far as I know everyone encounters this typical scenario, getting things misplaced.  Isn't it funny that you get to find these things so easily when you no longer needed them.  According to John Maxwell, looking for these stuffs is one of the greatest time wasters.  I agree with him so it pays to be always organized.

Here are some of the things that I usually misplace:

1.  Cellphone (my children loves play with it)
2.  Bag
3.  Pen
4.  Notebook
5.  Comb and hair clips

If you'll notice the stuffs listed above are the things that I will need everyday.  We had lots of pens at the house and I am puzzled how these pens are always gone.  I needed pens most of the time because it is easier for me to compose blogs, essays, etc. having it written first in my notes.  I am still teaching myself to get used of making notes using my phone.  I have received a wonderful gift from LookChem - a blue and white porcelain pen it comes with a book mark suit too.  This pen is in a beautiful hard case and it would be hard to misplace it.  I just need to discipline my self to always keep the pen inside its case after using it so I will not get to lose the pen.

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